A novel drug target for anti-inflammatories promising high efficacy, few side effects and intact microbial defenses

Anti-inflammatories represent a billion USD market with many products on the market losing their patent protection. 

Common to these and products in the pipeline is that they provide clinically relevant improvements only to half of the patient population and, at the same time, suppress anti-microbial defense mechanisms rendering patients susceptible to opportunistic infections. 

Common to such anti-inflammatories is that they target effector molecules such as TNFa. Expressing such effector molecules occurs at the end of signaling cascades which, by the time such effector molecules are expressed, have already caused many other effects, which are not blocked by the drug in question. 

Therefore, a drug target should be located at the very beginning of such signaling cascades and we have identified such a target. 

Additionally, the target offers to selectively block auto-immune disease while leaving microbial defense intact.

Therefore, we believe that generating a blocking agent to our drug target offers to a) generate a highly efficacious therapeutic which b) will generate few if any side effects and c) do so while leaving the patient’s microbial defenses intact. 

We are looking for partners to co-develop the technology to product level. 

For your ready reference, please see the slide deck linked here:

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